a gripping interactive story in a tech-noir future.


real systems using real tools, across all types of hacking.


real-life penetration and information security skills.

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The story

You are Danny, a small time hacker who lives with his big brother, FlyingPig, after you lost both your parents. He takes care of you best he can and you live a rough few years on the streets and in capsule hotels, taking odd jobs and scraping by, all until FlyingPig lands a job at the Fortress. Initially you hate him for it but starts, but as the money starts coming in, your lives improve substantially and your brother remains seemingly his own cool self, not buying into the corporate brain-washing and just “doing what’s needed for now to keep the lights on”.

You finish high-school and because you don’t want to be part of the “System”, you take up freelance gigs to help your brother with the bills and learn stuff on your own and start hacking. FlyingPig initially tries to discourage you from that life, as he is afraid for yoy doesn't want you to end up in jail. If you get caught, FlyingPig will lose his job for affiliating with a criminal and you'd both end up on the streets again.

Later on, you find out that your brother was in the Ghosts. The whole “corporate life” was just a cover as he was fighting against them all along. He wanted you to join a corp only to keep heat off of yoy and to give you a steady life, in case he got caught.

One evening, your brother never comes back from work. Knowing about his connection with the Ghosts, you can’t go to the police, so you set off to find him on your own.

This is where your first mission starts. You advance through the game while solving hacking puzzles, all the while getting help and explanations from your integrated helper and other characters.

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What makes binary ghost different ?

Our differentiating factor is our credo and also our tagline:


binary ghost is first and foremost a game, where people can relax and enjoy themselves hacking different structures and devices, while also learning critical cyber security techniques.

Built on a captivating story, binary ghost will have you so immersed in the game experience and focused on your mission that you won't realize how many cybersecurity skills you are acquiring in the process.

We aim to completely revolutionize and change cybersecurity learning, by putting gaming at the heart of development, thus making cybersecurity learning fun, affordable and simple for everyone.

This is why you only need your email address to sign up and get straight to playing the game, without having to install anything locally!